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Crypto Recovery Services: EXPERT WITNESS

Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency

CipherBlade is a team of credentialed experts for Crypto Recovery Services matters involving cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. We’re available to offer expert witness testimony in cases pertaining to blockchain technology including cybercrime, cryptocurrency wallet & exchange hacks, SIM-Swapping, fraudulent ICOs, investment fraud, romance scams, cryptocurrency compliance and AML policies and procedures, hidden or non-disclosed cryptocurrency assets, as well as other cases involving civil litigation.

The technical aspects of cryptocurrency ownership and blockchain forensics often need to be explained to judges and other legal professionals in an easy-to-understand and eye opener way. This is because they often have little to no knowledge of blockchain technology, how cryptocurrency can be tracked, or how ownership of a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum can be attributed to an individual even though it’s strictly digital in nature.

CipherBlade is an elite team of analysts and experts that is geographically distributed around the world. We have been called upon as experts in many different jurisdictions around the world, including most notably the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and other countries around the world.

We are well-known cybercrime investigators with a focus on cryptocurrency and have an extensive network of law enforcement, legal and exchange contacts, and most importantly, deep experience with hundreds of cases. Multiple CipherBlade personnel are Chainalysis Reactor Certified (CRC), among other certifications, and we utilize tools we’ve developed in-house as well. Furthermore, we’re members of the Crypto Defenders Alliance.





Cybercriminals are increasingly electing to utilize digital currencies. They don’t require registration to use, they’re easy to transfer online, and easy to liquidate for their national currency Crypto Recovery Services.

Whether it’s a case of SIM-Swapping, Investment fraud, Embezzlement, or some type of impersonation scam, CipherBlade is experienced and well-equipped to bring perpetrators to justice.

As cryptocurrency adoption increases, so does the amount investment fraud occurring with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency is more prone to fraudulent use as it’s a pseudonymous non-custodial digital asset that’s easily transferable.

Blockchain Forensics is an important part of the work we do. Our analysis and reports detail, explain and simplify how funds have moved over time in easy-to-understand terms, therefore allowing the legal system to hold applicable individuals accountable for their actions.


Crypto recovery experts: EXPERT WITNESS



Cryptocurrencies can play a significant role in divorce proceedings, often becoming a contentious issue between spouses. With their decentralization and perceived anonymity, they are attractive for individuals seeking to hide or move assets during divorce proceedings. Our blockchain forensic experts have played a crucial role in assisting parties and their counsel in such cases by tracing and documenting cryptocurrency transactions, uncovering undisclosed cryptocurrency in hidden wallets and exchange accounts, and assessing the value of these assets accurately.

Additionally, we can provide expert testimony in court to establish the true extent of a spouse’s cryptocurrency holdings, helping to ensure a fair and equitable distribution of assets during divorce proceedings.



recover money from bitcoin scam: EXPERT WITNESS

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Forensics


Blockchain Forensics is an important part of the work we do. Our analysis and reports detail, explain and simplify how funds have moved over time in easy-to-understand terms, therefore allowing the legal system to hold applicable individuals accountable for their actions. recover money from bitcoin scam.



Criminal Defense


A blockchain-forensic expert plays a crucial role in supporting the defense attorney of an individual indicted for a cryptocurrency-related crime. Our expertise in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency transactions allows us to thoroughly investigate and analyze the evidence presented by the prosecution and to identify any inaccuracies or inconsistencies in the allegations, trace the flow of cryptocurrencies at issue, and pinpoint potential errors or misunderstandings that may have occurred during the investigation, such as missed indicators of a change of custody.

Additionally, we can provide expert testimony in court, explaining complex blockchain concepts in a way that is accessible to judges and jurors, thus helping to build a strong defense strategy. By leveraging their deep understanding of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, our blockchain-forensic experts can assist defense attorneys in challenging the prosecution’s case and ensuring that their client’s rights are protected throughout the legal process.

Crypto Recovery Services
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