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Blockchain forensics and cryptocurrency forensics accounting involve both tracking and interpreting the flow of cryptocurrency assets on blockchains.

The data on public transparent blockchains like that of bitcoin is publicly available, however, a large number of wallet addresses and transactions need to be deciphered, assessed and interpreted in each and every case in order to properly track the flow of funds and report on it accordingly.

We’re able to conduct such analysis accurately thanks to our fact-based approach, our access to leading edge tools, and our deep experience in this area. We are Chainalysis certified.

We have experience with authoring detailed and highly actionable actionable forensics reports that explain the flow of digital assets in layman terms, including visual diagrams, and can be readily used by law enforcement.

Our suite of capabilities and resources includes Chainalysis certification, an extensive network of law enforcement, legal and exchange contacts, and most importantly, deep experience with hundreds of cases.


For Attorneys and Litigators


CipherBlade is connected to and works with a large number of law firms around the world to provide forensics reports, declarations, and expert testimony in major national and international cases.

CipherBlade personnel frequently provide expert reports and declarations to be used in court, whereby blockchain forensics is often a core component of such reports. Despite the highly technical nature of blockchain forensics, our reports are provided in a concise, clear, and easy-to-understand manner, which can be well understood by lawyers and judges that often have very little knowledge of blockchain technology at all, much less blockchain forensics.

Case Studies: We are engaged with multiple attorneys and law firms to provide forensics reports and expert testimony in major national and international cases. The vast majority of our work is privileged and confidential, however, we have included a publicly available redacted declaration of ours as a small sample of our work.


Transaction Tracking and Investigation


CipherBlade specializes in blockchain forensics, data science and transaction tracking.

We have established partnerships with all leading vendors of professional blockchain forensics tools, and use a combination of on-chain and off-chain analytics and investigative techniques.

We leverage deep in-house experience, which can sometimes involve us tracking tens of thousands of transactions in a given case, the wallets associated with them, and exchanges and various types of services that applicable wallets interact with.

ShapeShift engaged us for blockchain forensics to contest accusations by the Wall Street Journal that ShapeShift is overwhelmingly used for money laundering.

Case Study: ShapeShift

This study has been medialized by CoinTelegraphCoinDeskCCN and other leading industry media.


Hidden or Non-Disclosed Cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrency is pseudonymous in nature and for that reason sometimes people don’t always disclose it even when they’re required to do so by law.

Instances where individuals sometimes try to hide wealth in the form of cryptocurrency include Divorce, Embezzlement, Bankruptcy, Financial Fraud, and Tax Fraud.

In each instance, the individual either doesn’t want others to know they control of have access to the cryptocurrency assets in question or they have not declared ownership of such assets despite disclosure requirements.


Device Forensics


As part of some digital forensic investigations, occasionally digital or electronic devices need to be examined or have data collected from them. Such digital devices may include computers, mobile devices or hardware wallets such as Trezor or Ledger wallets.

CipherBlade is well-experienced and well-equipped in this regard to examine and extract any necessary data from such devices to be presented as evidence or to help with funds recovery.


Forensic Accounting for Cryptocurrency


CipherBlade conducts forensic accounting for cryptocurrency assets. Due to our fact-based approach, our work and findings have been used in courts of law.

We track and audit cryptocurrency as it moves on the blockchain from wallet to wallet while tracking ownership of the assets with it. Blockchain data is public, immutable, and doesn’t lie.

We have extensive experience mapping blockchain transactions and explaining the movement of assets to laymen with little to no blockchain knowledge or experience.

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